Cannon Dual Shocks

dual shocks

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Zero Electric Bike for Movie

Exciting new project for the shop. We are  working on a set of springs for a Zero Electric Bike that will be featured in a movie. Camera’s will be mounted on the front and rear of the bike, adding an additional 250 lbs. to the bike. So we are making a custom set of springs to compensate for the extra weight.

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’64 Triumph 500cc T100

Complete restoration by Weldon’s Motorcycle Restorations. Same year as the bike Steve McQueen rode in the International 6 Day Trails. Frame powder coated and exhaust coated by Performance Coatings Okc. Front fork springs by Cannon Racecraft.

Vintage Bikes

’64 Triumph 500cc T100

’64 Triumph 500cc T1002016-08-11T20:25:33+00:00

’66 Honda 305cc Dream

Vintage Bikes

’66 Honda 305cc Dream

This was a great barn find, It was in a shed for 33 years! Restoration by WMR, all original paint and body buffed and polished. The bike runs great!

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’64 250cc Puch

Vintage Bikes

’64 250cc Puch

Sold By Sears, has rare twinkle engine. Full Restoration by WMR. Frame powder coated by Performance Coatings Okc. Modified as a Café Racer.

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The Bike that started it all.

Restored replica of Kerry Cannon’s first motorcycle.

1959 AllState 125cc Street bike, sold by Sears. Vintage bikes

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Holigan Walters Racing Team

The Holigan Walters Racing team will be using Cannon RaceCraft fork springs on some of their motocross team bikes. In conjunction with Lucky’s Cycle Shop they will be producing a national television series on the AMA motocross team.

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#1 Winner of Pro Division

Cannon RaceCraft springs are being used on the bikes of the #1 winner of the Pro division, the #1 winner of the Expert division, and 4th place in the Amateur division of the Inaugural 24hr Endurance Race at Starvation Ridge in Golden Dale, WA. Suspension work provided by Richard at House of Horsepower.

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