Cannon RaceCraft Inc. has been working with dealers and racers from all over the world for over thirty years. Providing professional motorcycle springs for a large variety of makes and models.

Racers trust our products. We believe the public should have their chance to deal with the factory direct. EVERY racer deserves a good product at a reasonable cost.

If you can DREAM it, RACE it or INVENT it…we are the team to call.


Motorcycle Springs

Dirt Bike Springs / Street Bike Springs

The experts at Cannon RaceCraft can help with your needs.

We feel that our springs are one of the best on the market because we are purchasing a higher quality wire (ASTM-A-1000 instead of ASTM-A401-A). This allows us to produce a lighter, more stable product. The purchase of higher quality shot peen has allowed us to fine tune the stress relief process and remove most of the residual stresses that occur in wire when wound into a spring. Therefore, we are now able to manufacture a product that will sack less, travel more and are less likely to break.

Cannon Racecraft manufactures and stock quality springs for most current dirt bikes and street bikes. We can special make springs for older bikes, four-wheelers, pilochute springs, and throttle return springs to double torsion ramp springs and some automotive applications. Generally if we can see the spring or have the dimensions, we can make the spring.

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Cannon Racecraft is no longer affiliated with, nor holds any responsibility to debts owed by Grand Prix Speed Works or Jake Latimer.